A beehive for natural bee-keeping based on the design of Abbe Emile Warré. This listing is for a full set of 4 boxes with perspex windows, insulated window covers, a slightly oversized floor (for better balance), a standard quilt-box and roof (complete with sawdust for the quilt box), 8 V-Groved bars per box. The outside surfaces (and the tops of the bars) are optionally* finished with a coat of boiled linseed oil to enhance and protect the wood. 

This kit inlcudes:

  • Our standard 'oversized' floor and feet
  • A roof
  • A quilt box with hessian liner and cedar wood shavings
  • 4 x Windowed boxes
  • Box stand

Save 10% over individual prices.

These hives are made to order (sometimes in stock and ready to go) in my small workshop in Devon from locally sourced UK grown cedar  predominantly with hand tools, only using power tools for basic wood preparation where applicable (planing and some sawing to rough size). 

These are made to a high standard and look stunning. All fitting and finishing is done with hand planes and chisels with careful attention to detail. This results in a high quality product, closer to the standards you'd normally expect to find in handmade furniture or cabinetry.

Glue is used sparingly and is a high-quality waterproof, food-safe product. Any screws used are resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Box dimensions are (internal dimensions) 300x300x210mm. Special care is taken to flatten the perimeter of the walls so that the boxes sit on each other as far as possible without rocking (in any combination). Please note however that wood will naturally shift and this may change with time.  wall thickness 20mm. Roof material is slightly thinner, usually 15mm as is the top part of the floor. The floor entrance is slightly different to Warré's original spec at 180x8mm approx, but this can be done to any size up to 300x15mm if required.

Our "V-Groved" bars are included as standard, measuring approx 9mm wide by 18mm high. These bars are designed to reduce the 'false floor effect' which can prevent bees from building down into the next box. If you prefer you can choose standard top bars either plain at 316mm x 24mm x 9mm approx, optionally with a slot in the middle on the underside, and wooden 'starter strips' approximately 8mm high fixed into the slot. This is to encourage the bees to build straight comb, and seems to work well, but you may wish to add wax for enhanced encouragement. The slots are also used to position the bars at the correct spacing: Rather than castellated spacers, a row of small pins are set into the rebate on each side of the box at the correct spacing, sitting just proud enough for the slots of the bar to 'lock on' to the pins. The rows are positioned such that the bar can be pushed forward enough to come off one pin, allowing the bar to be moved from side to side slightly to help when removing bars for inspection. 

Other options will be available soon including individual components and a budget version. Please contact me with your requirements and I'll see if I can help.

Delivery within a reasonable distance of the South Hams (in Devon) including Plymouth and Exeter area, Torbay and east side of Dartmoor, can optionally be in person at a mutually convenient time. Delivery to the rest of the UK will be by courier.

*(On finishing: Although cedar wood will last a long time without any kind of finishing, we recommend an oil finish to keep the wood looking it's best for as long as possible. An oil finish will need re-applying at regular intervals for best long-lasting results. Another option is to paint the hive, which usually requires less maintenance.)

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Warre cedar bee hive 4 box kit

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